Las Morenitas de Puri


Las Morenitas de Puri, handmade
caramelised almonds

It is our best selling product: handmade caramelised almonds. We separate them one by one, according to the original recipe of Purificación Pérez López – Puri for friends. Las Morenitas are made up of 78% almonds and are prepared only with fruits from our fields. They are high in vitamin E, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is a gluten-free product, suitable for vegans. They can be eaten alone or combined with wine, cheese, liquor, beer, ice cream, Spanish Serrano and Iberico ham.

Las Morenitas de Puri


Las Morenitas de Puri con azúcar de caña

Las Morenitas with raw cane sugar

The key factor is brown raw cane sugar that we select so that our caramelised almonds have a special and different aroma. Las Morenitas de Puri with raw cane sugar are ideal for those seeking healthy foods: they contain 78% of almonds and the sugar used is an unrefined product. It’s a gluten-free product, suitable for vegans. Las Morenitas de Puri with raw cane sugar leave a unique almond and toasty aroma.


Las Morenitas de Puri BIO:
organic caramelised, natural and toasted almonds 

The 100% organic line consists of three products: caramelised almonds prepared with organic raw cane sugar, natural almonds and toasted almonds. We do not add salt, oils or other additives. The result is a series of totally healthy products for those who want to take care of their health and well-being. Our organic line Las Morenitas de Puri BIO is prepared in an artisan way to enhance the flavour of almonds. All products are gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Las Morenitas de Puri BIO

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